If you own a business with other people, how does your family receive your share of the business assets and profits upon your death?

If your business partners die, their family members could end up co-owning the business with you. Are you comfortable with that? Do you have the necessary operating agreements to pay off your partner’s family members so they are not involved in the business and have no decision making authority? How will the business be valued so your family is not being shortchanged by the surviving business owners?


Consider the following when estate planning:

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Have you planned for your minor children or young adult children that would not be able to responsibly handle the money they will inherit from you upon your death?

If you own a business, you have much more to plan for...

Who could legally operate your business if you died tomorrow? Who could collect payment?

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Do you have non- family members or organizations that you would like to provide for, or family members that you do not wish to provide for?

Without estate planning, you will not be able to accomplish either of those objectives.


Estate Planning and Asset Protection

Have you planned for minor children with an ex-spouse?

Although your assets may legally belong to your children, your ex- spouse, as surviving parent, will be in control of those assets, and able to spend them as they wish. What if your ex-spouse has serious creditor problems or is facing civil judgments, bankruptcy, etc?